Frequently Asked Questions

How does your service work?

We work with the creditors and credit bureaus to find legitimate reasons to have incorrect, unfair, or questionable items removed from your credit reports. Often, we can find violations of certain requirements of those creditors and leverage those violations as a way to get the creditor or bureau to remove the item in question.

What items can be removed?

This is a tricky question. For one, we can't tell you upfront that ANY item can or will be removed from your credit reports. Like all legally compliant credit repair agencies, we can only remove items that show to be inaccurate, outdated, or unverifiable; however, MANY items on most people's reports could fall into one of those categories.

How long does the service take?

In general, clients are usually with us from 3 to 6 months. However, this is not saying all items will be removed in that time frame or that all items will be removed at all. This is just the usual time frame people choose to stay in our program.

What are the costs?

For our credit repair or other services costs, please refer to our pricing page. This section will serve to inform you of all other associated costs. These costs may include:

- Credit monitoring account will cost roughly $15-$30/mo.

Cancellation Fee - Without File Review - $100
Our clients are always welcome to cancel at any time with no fee. All we ask is that we are allowed to do your final file review. However, if you cancel without allowing the final file review, then a $100 cancellation fee will be charged. Additionally, if we cancel your file due to an inactive monitoring account, the same $100 cancellation fee would apply.

Late Fee - $25
We allow our clients to pay their balances out over a significant amount of time. If an account has had deletions and carries a balance, we request a minimum payment each month of $100 for individuals or $150 for couples. This payment will become due on roughly a 35-40 day rotation based on the file's progress. Each client will receive an invoice the day before the payment is set to be made. If this payment goes more than five (5) days past due, a late fee will be assessed. A client can avoid a late fee by simply calling to re-schedule the due date.

Why do I have to prove my identity?

The simple answer is because the credit bureaus say so. Unfortunately, there is wording in the law to require you to give them information. If you don't supply the proof of your identity and address, the bureaus will simply ignore your dispute and you will get nowhere. Below is a list of what can be used as proofs.
Driver's License
Utility Bill
Pay Stub with Social Security number
W2 Form
Lease Agreement
Bank Statement
Cancelled Check

How much will my score go up?

As much as we would like to, there is simply no way to know the answer to this question. There are far too many factors involved in the credit scoring model; the biggest variable being the "human factor". We don't know what you are going to do during this process. You might get new lates, max out credit cards, get new credit, get new collections, get a judgment placed against you, or one of hundreds of other things that would change the outcome of your service. REMEMBER! PureCredit is hired only to help remove items from your report that you wish for us to work on, the score change is simply a byproduct of our service.

Will I get approved for a house or car, etc.?

We must make it very clear, PureCredit does not give any type of loans or financing. Therefore, we can not tell you if you will be approved for any of those things. Many people come to us with very poor credit and hope to be approved for loans or funding programs with very strict financing guidelines. Remember from above, if we can't promise you ANY item is going to be removed from your report, how could we possibly assure you that you will be approved for a loan after working with our program? We are here to help and we help hundreds of people, but please do not expect miracles.

Can you speed up the process?

Short and sweet... NO. We want this service done as fast as possible. Think about it, we don't get deletion fees until items are removed. We would love for there to be a legal way to make things "disappear" in seven days. However, it just doesn't exist. Now for a little more detail... From the time the credit bureaus receive your dispute, they have 30 days to respond. This leads some people to believe that if it has been more than 30 calendar days, then they MUST remove those items. This is simply not the way it works. There are sections of the law that allow them additional time under certain conditions.

Why do I need a monitoring service?

Credit repair is kind of like getting your car fixed... The mechanic is going to need to see under the hood. You keeping a monitoring service is our way of looking under your proverbial credit "hood". It allows us to see exactly what needs to be done and check up on the bureaus and creditors. When they say something has been changed, we want to make sure it is REALLY changed.

As per our Terms of Service, failure to keep an active monitoring account could result in a $100 cancellation fee.

What is Credit Repair

Credit repair is a service provided under the CROA that allows credit repair service providers to assist consumers in the correction of inaccurate, outdated, or unverifiable items on their consumer credit reports. Any credit repair company that claims to be able to remove ANY item other than those identified above is in violation of the Credit Repair Organizations Act (CROA).



Terms of Service


The specific services, guarantees, payment terms, timeframe, and total cost are set forth in the client disclosure statement incorporated herein for all purposes. NOW, in consideration of the mutual promises contained herein, the parties agree as follows:

Conflict of Interest
Client warrants to Company that it does not currently represent or promote any lines or products that compete with the Company’s Products, they are not currently a client of any other Credit Repair company, nor have they been a client of another credit repair company in the last six (6) months.

Indemnification by Client
Client shall indemnify and hold Company free and harmless from any and all claims, damages or lawsuits (including reasonable attorneys’ fees) arising out of negligence or malfeasant acts of Client.

Indemnification by Company
Company shall indemnify and hold Client free and harmless from any and all claims, damages or lawsuits (including reasonable attorneys’ fees) arising out of failure of Company to provide reasonable credit score increase within the allotted term.

Affiliate Service Provider
While it is not the current policy of to use an affiliate service provider, Company has the option of fulfilling the credit services through a credit services processor or affiliate to best serve you.

Terms and Termination
a. Term.
This Agreement shall continue as outlined in “Exhibit A” unless terminated by Company or Client as provided herein. b. Termination for Cause. If either party shall default in the performance of any material obligation in this Agreement, then the non-defaulting party may give written or electronic notice to the defaulting party and if the default is not cured within thirty (30) days following such notice, the Agreement will be terminated.

Client acknowledges that by reason of its relationship to Company, they will have access to certain information and material concerning Company’s business that are of substantial value to Company. The value would be impaired if such information were disclosed to third parties. Client agrees that it shall not use in any way for its own account or the account of any third party, nor disclose to any third party, any such confidential information revealed to it by Company.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction
This Agreement shall be governed by and construed according to the laws of the State of Alabama.

Entire Agreement
This Agreement sets forth the entire agreement and understanding of the parties relating to the subject matter herein and supersedes any prior discussions or agreements between them. No modification of or amendment to the Agreement, nor any waiver of any rights under this Agreement, shall be effective unless in writing signed by the party to be charged.

Any notices required or permitted by the Agreement shall be deemed given if sent by Certified mail, postage prepaid, e-mail, fax, return receipt requested or by recognized overnight delivery service: If to Company; at its principal place of business or if to Client, at the provided address.

If any provision of this Agreement is held to be invalid by a court of competent jurisdiction, then the remaining provisions shall nevertheless remain in full force and effort.

Legal Expenses
The prevailing party in any legal action brought by one party against the other and arising out of this Agreement shall be entitled, in addition to any other rights and remedies it may have, to reimbursement for its expenses, including court costs and reasonable attorneys’ fees.
  1. Client will need a Proof of Identity and a recent utility bill showing the correct address (phone bill, gas bill, electric bill, etc…)
  2. Client agrees to maintain a “credit monitoring system” and provide access to that account. If client fails to keep an active monitoring account and fails to provide credit results, client's file shall assess a $100 cancellation fee.

  3. Client agrees to forward all mail received regarding their credit file to

GETPURECREDIT.COM GUARANTEE POLICY offers no guarantee as to a specific result from the use of our services. is hired for the attemtped repair or removal of each item on which the client chooses for us to work. requires the client to keep an active credit monitoring system. Each month, will update that monitoring account, and the client will be invoiced for the items that have been repaired or removed in the previous month. This charge will happen ONLY AFTER the removal or repair of an item as defined in the Terms of Service, and clients will be billed or charged for those items in accordance with the terms set forth in the Terms of Service.

A client has full authority to cancel this agreement anytime within the first five days with no fees. If that time period has passed, client will be liable for fees related to completed work. This will include the client audit fee and any fees for deletions or repairs that have occurred on the client file.

Upon the decision to cancel, client will be notified of their final file review date. At that point, will review the file for any deletions or repairs. Client will be billed for any deletions or repairs and the file will be closed. If no deletions or repairs have occurred, then no fees will be assessed and the client file will be closed.
If is unable to complete the final file review due to an inactive or unavailable credit monitoring service, client's file will be assessed a $100 cancellation fee. This fee will be added to the client's invoice and billed out along with any prior fees and the agreed upon billing rate.
You may cancel this contract without penalty or obligation at any time before midnight of the 5th business day after the date on which you signed the contract.

You may cancel this contract, without penalty or obligation; within Five (5) days after the date you sign this agreement.

If you cancel, any payment made by you under the contract will be returned within Five (5) business days after the date of receipt of your cancellation notice.

To cancel this contract, mail, fax, or deliver a signed dated copy of this cancellation notice or other written notice, to at address below, not later than midnight of the 5th day after your enrollment payment is received.
You may cancel this contract without penalty or obligation at any time before midnight of the 5th business day after the date on which you signed the contract.

You may cancel this contract, without penalty or obligation; within Five (5) days after the date you sign this agreement.

If you cancel, any payment made by you under the contract will be returned within Five (5) business days after the date of receipt of your cancellation notice.

To cancel this contract, mail, fax, or deliver a signed dated copy of this cancellation notice or other written notice, to at address below, not later than midnight of the 5th day after your enrollment payment is received.


All clients of must read and understand the following statements.

  • Client understands this is a binding agreement and failure to make the payment for completed services can result in negative activity to client’s credit file.
  • also reserves the right to file the proper paperwork in attempt to obtain a Judgment for the amounts owed plus any legal fees.
  • Either party may cancel this agreement at any time (See Cancellation Policy), cancellation must be sent in formal written format. Notice shall not be considered received unless confirmation of receipt has been received by all parties.
  • shall, within the course of 1 to 3 business days of signup, set up clients with their online private client site which will allow them to check progress throughout their service.
  • A username and password will be provided to the client to access their online private client site.
  • will prepare client audit within 3 - 5 days and deliver via electronic means (email) before audit fee is charged.
  • shall prepare challenges for items appearing on the customer’s credit reports in accordance with the FCRA.
  • will submit transmittals of challenges within 7 business days of receipt of credit information and executed disclosure and agreement from customer.
  • After each consecutive round of service, shall prepare all follow-up challenges, as allowed by the Fair Credit Reporting Act, Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, Fair and Accurate Transactions Act and Fair Credit Billing Act.
  • All items repaired or removed will be posted to the client’s private client site, which is accessed online by username and password provided to client upon initiation. This posting will be made BEFORE any charge is created for the deletion or repair that item.
  • shall assist client in determining the action to take with each account in regards to that client’s file. is available to review the client’s personal credit file by calling the customer service numbers provided upon enrollment.
  • Client acknowledges receipt of two (2) copies of a Notice of Right to Cancel.
  • Client acknowledges receipt of Consumer Credit File Rights under State and Federal Law.
  • GetPureCredit.comshall also provide a client services staff for assistance in answering questions regarding a client’s account.
  • will ONLY challenge items as legally allowed.


Our pricing is set out in clear terms on our site and in this agreement.

$ 299 Audit Only Usually 18-25 Pages
In Depth Review
Personalized Plan
48hr Turnaround
Full Education Section Per-Delete Credit Repair $199 Audit Fee Required*
$50 - Standard Items
$100 - Public Records
$25 - Inquiries
Pay ONLY for Deleted Items $ 3795 Business Credit 6 mo Package
24/7 Online Access
Unlimited Phone Support
Guaranteed Funding
Expert Coaching Products

  1. You have a right to dispute inaccurate information in your credit report by contacting the credit bureau directly. However, neither you nor any “credit repair” company or credit repair organization has the right to have accurate, current, and verifiable information removed from your credit report. The credit bureau must remove accurate, negative information from your report only if it is over 7 years old. Bankruptcy information can be reported for 10 years.
  2. You have a right to obtain a copy of your credit report from a credit bureau. You may be charged a reasonable fee. There is no fee, however, if you have been turned down for credit, employment, insurance, receive a free copy of your credit report if you are unemployed and intend to apply for employment in the next 60 days, if you are a recipient of public welfare assistance, or if you have reason to believe that there is inaccurate information in your credit report due to fraud.
  3. You have a right to sue a credit repair organization that violates the Credit Repair Organization Act. This law prohibits deceptive practices by credit repair organizations. You have the right to cancel your contract with any credit repair organization for any reason within 3 business days from the date you signed it.
  4. Credit bureaus are required to follow reasonable procedures to ensure that the information they report is accurate. However, mistakes may occur.
  5. You may, on your own, notify a credit bureau in writing that you dispute the accuracy of information in your credit file. The credit bureau must then reinvestigate and modify or remove inaccurate or incomplete information. The credit bureau may not charge any fee for this service. Any pertinent information and copies of all documents you have concerning an error should be given to the credit bureau.
  6. If the credit bureau’s reinvestigation does not resolve the dispute to your satisfaction, you may send a brief statement to the credit bureau, to be kept in your file, explaining why you think the record is inaccurate. The credit bureau must include a summary of your statement about disputed information with any report it issues about you.
  7. The Federal Trade Commission regulates credit bureaus and credit repair organizations.
  8. For more information contact:
  9. The Public Reference Branch Federal Trade Commission Washington, D.C. 20580
    • (a) Separate Statement Requirement-The written statement required under this section shall be provided as a document which is separate from any written contract or other agreement between the credit repair organization and the consumer or any other written material provided to the consumer.
    • (b) Retention of Compliance Records-In general-The credit repair organization shall maintain a copy of the statement signed by the consumer acknowledging receipt of the statement.

  10. Maintenance for 2 years-The copy of any consumer’s statement shall be maintained in the organization’s files for 2 years after the date on which the statement is signed by the consumer.


All clients of must read and understand the following statements.


  • All prices are per item and per bureau. A removal of ANY item from ANY bureau counts as ONE (1) removal. The deletion of an account from all three credit bureaus counts as THREE (3) deletions.
  • A “removal” is defined as an item, tradeline, personal information, or inquiry that is removed from any of the client’s three credit files for ANY reason during our service.
  • A “repair” is defined as any “formerly negative” tradeline or any of the client’s credit files that, during our service, becomes a “positive” tradeline. This could include but is not limited to removal of “late notations” or “status change”.
  • Create a unique, secure interactive client web portal for online access.
  • A username and password will be provided to the client to access their online private client site.
  • Create a secure online environment as part of the client web portal for secure document sharing and transfer.
  • Assist client in obtaining copy of credit report if needed.
  • Analysis and review of client credit report.
  • Enter Data from clients credit report into internal database.
  • Enter Data from clients credit report into secure interactive client web portal.
  • Enter clients information into secure web portal for tracking purposes.
  • Provide client link to perform opt-out to reduce junk mail.
  • Analysis and review of client file status updates.
  • shall also provide a client services staff for assistance in answering questions regarding a client’s account.
  • Update client secure interactive web portal with most recent updates and/or notes.
  • Receiving and processing of Manual Updates.
  • Respond to, receive, and or initiate correspondence via telephone, mail, email, or fax.
  • Review clients credit report updates to determine next step.
  • Create strategic plan to assist clients in meeting their goals.
  • Create dispute letters.
  • Assist with credit questions.
  • Provide ongoing credit education.

We would like to take this time to thank you for trusting to help you through this difficult time. We are glad you have given us the chance to help, and we look forward to a successful relationship together.

Privacy Policy

PRIVACY POLICY Your privacy is critically important to us. At GetPureCredit.comwe have a few fundamental principles: We don’t ask you for personal information unless we truly need it.
We don’t share your personal information with anyone except to comply with the law, develop our service, or protect our rights.
Below is our privacy policy which incorporates these goals:

(Note, we’ve decided to make this privacy policy available under a Creative Commons Sharealike license, which means you’re more than welcome to steal it and repurpose it for your own use, just make sure to replace references to us with ones to you, and if you want we’d appreciate a link to somewhere on your site. We spent a lot of money and time on the below, and other people shouldn’t need to do the same.) If you have questions about deleting or correcting your personal data please contact our support team. WEBSITE VISITORS Like most website operators, collects non-personally-identifying information of the sort that web browsers and servers typically make available, such as the browser type, language preference, referring site, and the date and time of each visitor request. Our purpose in collecting non-personally identifying information is to better understand how our visitors use the website. 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Those who engage in transactions with by purchasing service, for example are asked to provide additional information, including as necessary the personal and financial information required to process those transactions. In each case, we collect such information only insofar as is necessary or appropriate to fulfill the purpose of the visitor's interaction with us. does not disclose personally-identifying information to any third party without the consent of our visitor. Visitors can always refuse to supply personally-identifying information, with the caveat that it may prevent them from engaging in certain website-related activities. AGGREGATED STATISTICS may collect statistics about the behavior of visitors to its websites. For instance, we may monitor the most popular pages on the site or use the services of to monitor web activity. We may display this information publicly or provide it to others. 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