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We Fight For Your 
Credit Rights!

Our services are founded on commitment, dedication, and professionalism to provide you with the best possible results!

No Monthly Membership is required. With PureCredit, you only pay when you get Results!

According to CNNMoney, a negative item can decrease your score by over 100 points

Start Now with PureCreditServices!


Access Client Portal 24/7 to

Monitor Your Progress

Our client services portal has advanced technology that gives you unlimited access to view and monitor your credit repair process. Get 24/7 access to see items on your reports being disputed, what has been successfully deleted or repaired, up-to-date credit scores, referral programs, billing, and more.


PureCredit Client Portal Login 


Only Pay For What
is Deleted

That's Right!  You only pay for what is completely removed from your Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion credit reports.

When you choose PureCredit, we audit your 3 credit reports for inaccurate and negative items that can be completely removed; such as collections, inquiries, late payments, and more.

See how the PureCredit repair process works


Build Your Credit to

Higher Scores 

Successfully removing negative items from your credit reports is just the first step. While our Credit Support Advisors are repairing your credit, they'll also show you how to really ramp up your credit score and help you qualify for mortgages, loans, and credit at better interest rates - saving you thousands! We have a large number of financial network affiliates to offer you products and services that can greatly improve your overall scores. 

Start today to reach your credit goals!

See What Our Clients Are Saying

Michele in GA

Didn't know where to start to fix my credit.   I'm glad I got the D.I.Y. kit.  It was worth the money and I liked seeing things come off my reports. 

Shawanna in AL

DJ is the best. Answered all my questions and helped me understand  my credit repair plan. I definately recommend them if you want to improve your credit.

Christian in AL

I used another credit repair company in the past and didn't get good results. Just gave away money. I like the pay for delete plan and being able to see what I'm paying for.  

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